Halsted Rain Ultra Slim Wall Tank System
Halsted Rain Super
Slim Wall Tank System

Halsted Rain is a supplier of urban rainwater harvesting and waste water recycling systems. We offer a range of modular tanks, filters, pumps, mains top up kits and treatment units designed for installation above and below ground that offer simple and affordable solutions particularly when space and access is restricted or ground conditions are poor. Our products are ideally suited for residential and light commercial property and as a retrofit solution.

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Slim-line Rainwater Harvesting System

Halsted Rain specialise in above ground slim-line rainwater tank and collection systems that can be easily installed in a confined space. The design of this innovative system overcomes many of the problems and high cost associated with traditional underground tanks making it an ideal retrofit solution for installation by general trades or experienced DIY installers. We are best known for the Super Slim Wall Tank unit and also offer a Slim-line Tower Tank option for higher capacity systems.

New Flatform Rainwater Harvesting System

A low profile below ground Flatform tank and harvesting system that is easier and less costly to install than conventional cylindrical designs. Ideal for new build and retrofit, this unique solution can also be sited under decking. It can be supplied with a package of accessories selected from our range of simple and reliable filters, pumps and mains top up devises. Available in tank sizes up to 7500 litres.

Flatform Rainwater Harvesting System
Flatform Tank
Rainwater Harvesting System

Waste Water Treatment and Recycling

In addition to rainwater harvesting, Halsted Rain also offers a range of waste water systems. Grey Water can be collected from the basin, bath and shower and filtered for use in a garden and with additional treatment used to flush toilets and wash laundry. We also supply low energy, easy to install sewage treatment packages for properties with up to 10 occupants.

Domestic and Light Commercial Application

Installing Flatform Tank System
Installing the Flatform
Tank System

Our simple and affordable harvesting and recycling systems typically help save up to 50% of the water used in domestic and 85% in light commercial buildings by using harvested and recycled water to flush toilets, wash laundry, clean vehicles and irrigate gardens. This not only reduces consumption of precious mains water but also reduces your metered water costs and carbon footprint.

Water Wise

We believe that the collection and use of rainwater and grey water can make a valuable contribution to the global effort to conserve fresh water and reduce man-made climate change. Halsted Rain aims to help our customers achieve this goal.

Halsted Rain is a manufacturer, distributor and integrator of water harvesting and recycling equipment which is available through our partner network of specialist merchants and retailers.

We hope you find our products and approach to the market helpful and if you require further information or advice please go to the Contact Us page. We promise a prompt reply.