Grey Water Filter and Diverter

grey water Filter and diverter

Grey Water Filter and Diverter

An efficient and affordable entry level grey water filter and diverter to conveniently supply bath and shower water for garden irrigation

The Halsted Rain grey water diverter captures, pre-filters and diverts your bath, shower, wash basin and laundry water which can be used for lawn and garden irrigation. In a water-saving household, this use of water generates about 55 litres of grey water per person a day. This simple installation not only saves water, but also reduces the energy required to transport wastewater to the treatment plant and pumping the potable water from a reservoir to your house.

The main features of the diverter are:

  • State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Grey Water Filtration
  • Easy to connect inlet and overflow
  • Low power consumption 125watt pump 1.2 amp
  • Built in dry run pump protection, preventing clogging and damage to the pump
  • Diverter valve is supplied with the unit
  • Easy to clean – just hose the filters every six months
  • System can be installed either above ground, half-submerged, or underground in an enclosure with inspection cove
  • Suitable for gravity installations – can be used with or without the pump
  • Size of unit: 590 x 370 x 500 mm high, can be partially buried to a depth of 400mm

Halsted Rain can also supply a standard irrigation hose and accessories as an optional item. The diagram below provides a suggested layout for a garden irrigation system.

grey water Filter tank
grey water Filter Schematic