Grey Water Treatment for Home and Garden Use

Grey Water Treatment for Home and Garden
Grey Water Treatment Home

Grey Water Treatment for Home and Garden Use

Grey Water Filter Diverter 30 & 60 Litres for Garden Irrigation

A grey water treatment plant enables bath, shower and laundry water to be recycled for toilet flushing. Modern sewage treatment plants use sequence batch reactor technology to reduce energy use. A water-saving household generates about 55 litres/person/day of grey water which can be used for irrigation rather than then collected rainwater. Rainwater which is higher quality can then be used in the home to flush toilets via a separate harvesting system.

This entry level grey water recycling unit is designed for simple installation and ease of maintenance, all at an affordable cost.

entry level grey water recycling system

This grey water filter diverter is also available in a larger capacity 60 L unit which is designed for installation underground.

Grey Water Treatment System 500 Litres for Toilet Flushing, Laundry and Outdoor Use

This grey water treatment system incorporates applied progressive filtration for both mechanical and biological filtration, plus UV-C disinfection. The system can provide 500 litres/day of treated grey water to reuse for toilet flushing, laundry as well as outdoor use. This can save up to 70,000 litres annually for an average family of four. The equipment complies with BS 8525-1:2010 & BS 8525-2:2011.


Grey-WaterTreatment System for Toilet Flushing