Grey Water Wastewater Treatment

Grey Water and Wastewater Treatment

Grey Water and Wastewater Treatment

Greywater Treatment

A grey water diverter captures, pre-filters, and diverts your bath, shower, wash basin and laundry water enabling it to be used for irrigating your lawn and homogeneous borders through a drip line. A water-saving household generates about 55 litres/person/day of grey water which can be used for irrigation rather than then collected rainwater. Rainwater which is higher quality can then be used in the home to flush toilets via a separate harvesting system.

Intelligent Low Energy Sewage Treatment

A modern treatment plant draws upon the advantages of normal aeration systems but with the added benefits of a sequence batch reactor (SBR) to reduce energy use. It is easy to install, simple and trouble free to operate; and unlike most older treatment systems does not need to run constantly. The plant is ideal for domestic and light commercial applications and available in three sizes up to a unit for 10 occupants.