Low Profile Flatform Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

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Low Profile Flatform Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

A high capacity rainwater harvesting system for larger property with filter diverter, shallow dig tank, rainwater delivery pump and mains water top up valve.

The Flatform Neo Tank System is designed to offer the latest innovative harvesting solution for larger property. This high capacity system incorporates an award-winning tank manufactured with less raw material than legacy designs but still offering market leading stability and durability. The tank can be installed in all ground conditions without a concrete base or surround and the shallow profile makes it easier to transport to and around a site compared with conventional cylindrical designs. The innovative rotating filter capsule makes it easier to align connecting pipework. The filter is essentially self-cleaning, and the tank is purpose designed to protect the quality of filtered rainwater during storage. This new product incorporates the best features of urban rainwater harvesting design and is ideal for new build and retrofit projects on domestic and light commercial property. The system features;

  • Standard tank sizes 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000 litres
  • Larger capacity tank designs available on request
  • Innovative filter capsule that rotates to align with connecting pipework
  • Optional drivable shaft and steel cover when installed under car parking
  • Standard high performance ‘in-tank’ filter and/or optional basket filter
  • Submersible pump and installation kit
  • Mains water top up valve with intelligent controller and LED display
  • Can be connected to multiple rainwater downpipes
  • Regulation ‘reclaimed water’ MDPE pipe and pack of advisory labels

The tank system is made from high grade polyethylene and all components feature high levels of UV protection. The system is easy to install by a competent DIY or general trades installer. When a connected service demands water, the pump is activated to draw water from the tank. In the event that demand exceeds the available rainwater a mains water valve is automatically opened to partly refill the tank.

Tank System

Belowground Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Tank size 3000 litre is 234 x 234 x 105 cm
  • Tank weight 3000 litre 100kg
  • Standard 35 cm filter capsule and 25 cm access shaft and lockable cover
  • Optional drivable shaft/ steel cover
  • Back fill with medium grade aggregate – no concrete required.
  • Tank connector kit available.

Filter Diverter

  • Standard ‘in-tank’ filter and calming inlet
  • High water yield and 900 micron filter mesh
  • Filter capsule can be rotated to align with drainage pipe
  • Optional in-tank filter basket for garden use
  • Optional pre-tank filter chamber with leaf basket and silt trap.

Submersible Pump & Pump Controller

slimline pump
  • Maximum 95 lpm flow rate or up to 36m of head.
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Pressure controller starts pump when water is demanded.
  • Quiet and economical to operate.
  • Dry run protection.
  • 15m rubber power cable
  • 10m green/black 25mm regulation supply pipe and fittings
  • Pump and controller require 230v 50Hz power supply.

Mains Top Up Valve

SlimLine top up
  • Automatic mains top up unit
  • Activated by tank mounted float switch
  • Weekly self-activating maintenance cycle
  • Complies with water regulations
  • Plug-n-play unit with LED display
  • Requires 230v 50Hz power supply