Slim-line Tower Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

Slim Line Tower Tank
slimLine Tower Rainwater Harvesting System

The complete all-in-one rainwater harvesting system for larger property with filter diverter, tower tank assembly, rainwater delivery pump and integrated pressure controller, mains water top up valve.

The Slim-line Tower Tank rainwater system is modular, easy to install and durable and is manufactured to the highest standards. This proven product incorporates the best features of above ground rainwater harvesting design and is ideal for retrofitting to larger domestic and commercial property. The system features;

  • 1400 litre base tank system with add on tanks in 700 litre increments
  • Secure inter tank connection
  • High-performance stainless-steel vortex filter diverter
  • Submersible pump that automatically delivers rainwater on demand to connected services
  • Mains Water Top Up Controller
  • Requires a single downpipe connection and power point
  • Optional tap panel for garden use conveniently positioned at waist height
  • Supplied with pack of regulation advisory labels

The tank system is made from high density food grade polyethylene and all components feature high levels of UV protection. The system is easy to install by a competent DIY or general trades installer. The pump and top up controller are supplied as an integrated kit with simple electrical interconnects. In the event of there being insufficient rainwater to meet demand a valve is automatically opened to supply a small quantity of mains water to the tank.

Tank System

Rainwater Harvesting slimline Tank System
  • Base tank system is 145 x 70 x 215 cm excluding the filter diverter and pump controller.
  • Including the filter diverter and pump controller the overall dimensions are 183 x 70 x 232 cm.
  • Each incremental 700 litre tank adds a further 75 cm to the length of the system.
  • Supplied with self install 1” BSP outlet fitting and tank connector.
  • Standard colours dark green or black

Filter Diverter

  • Efficient first stage filter that through its unique low maintenance design removes leaves and gutter debris.
  • It incorporates a durable 950 micron stainless steel filter and can be installed in a standard 68mm O.D. round downpipe and adapted to other sizes and profiles.
  • Also features rainwater diverter and tank overflow.
  • Optional larger filters available on request

Submersible Pump & Pump Controller

slimline pump
  • Maximum 60 lpm flow rate or up to 32m of head.
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Pressure controller starts pump when water is demanded.
  • Quiet and energy efficient to operate.
  • Float switch for dry run protection.
  • Pump and controller require 230v 50Hz power supply.

Mains Water
Top Up Controller

SlimLine top up
  • Automatic mains water top up
  • Requires 230v 50Hz power supply
  • Top up activated by tank mounted float switch
  • Complies with water regulations
  • Standard mains top up kit of components or optional plug-n-play LED smart top up controller available on request