Ultra Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

Ultra Slim Rainwater Harvester
Ultra Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

Ultra Slim Wall Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

A complete entry level rainwater harvesting system for retrofit, smaller property and installing in a confined space, incorporating a wall tank, filter diverter, rainwater delivery pump and mains top up valve.

The Ultra Slim Wall Tank System is modular, easy to install and durable and is manufactured to the highest standards. The full system requires a single downpipe connection, access to power and mains water as a back-up if required. This product builds upon our proven first generation 2009 design and is ideal for supplying water for toilet flushing, laundry and garden use. The system features;

  • 235 litre tank modules (only 20cm deep)
  • Base Tank comprises two modules (470 litres) with optional add-on tanks in 235 litre increments
  • Easy to install galvanised steel wall mounting bracket
  • ¾” BSP brass drain fitting on both narrow sides
  • Recessed inter tank connector to create a ‘seamless’ wall of water storage
  • CAD designed internal moulded support structure to carry the vertical, horizontal and lateral loads
  • Standard colour green granite (see insert) and optional colours available by special order
  • UK made tank

Supplied with:

  •  High performance Compact filter diverter and fittings to ensure a water tight connection to the tank
  • Quiet and low energy pump that delivers rainwater directly on demand to connected services
  • Automatic mains water top up valve
  • Pack of regulation advisory labels

The tank system is made from high density food grade polyethylene and all components feature high levels of UV protection. The system is easy to install by a competent DIY or general trades installer. When a connected service demands water, the pump is activated to draw water from the tank. In the event that demand exceeds the available rainwater a mains water valve is automatically opened to partly refill the tank.

Tank System

Tank System
  • Twin tank 470 litre base unit is 160 x 20 x 180 cm.
  • Including the Compact Filter Diverter the min. overall length is 180 cm.
  • Each incremental 235 litre tank adds a further 80 cm to the length of the system.
  • Supplied with 3/4” BSP outlet drain or 50 mm tank connector
  • Optional cover if an access opening required
  • Optional throttle valve for storm water attenuation

Filter Diverter

Rainwater harvester Fliter Diverter
  • An efficient Compact Filter Diverter for a max. 90m² roof.
  • Its unique low maintenance and largely self-cleaning design removes leaves and gutter debris from rainwater.
  • Incorporates a durable 650 micron stainless steel filter and can be installed in 68 – 110 mm O.D. round downpipe and adapted to other sizes and profiles.
  • Also incorporates a tank overflow and divert open or closed features.
  • 50 mm fittings to ensure a water tight connection to the tank

Pressure Switch
Activated Pump

electronic pump
  • 5 lpm flow rate ideal for toilet cistern replenishment and micro irrigation.
  • Requires 230v 50Hz power supply
  • Standard bare pump and connection kit or optional plug-n-play unit
  • Pump is mounted inside the property.
  • Pressure switch activates pump when water is demanded.
  • Quiet and energy efficient to operate.

Mains Top Up Valve
& Installation Kit

Mains Top Up Valve
  • Automatic mains water top up kit
  • Requires 230v 50Hz power supply
  • Top up activated by tank mounted float switch
  • Complies with water regulations
  • Standard mains top up kit of components or optional plug-n-play unit

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