Bloc-Form Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

Bloc Form Tank

The Bloc-Form tank offers outstanding performance with its extremely high stability and loading capacity. It can be installed easily in very heavy and cohesive ground, submerged in ground water or freestanding above ground using an additional steel support frame provided. The Bloc-Form tank can be integrated into modular assemblies to create larger capacity systems using a manifold connector provided. A wide range of other external and internal accessories are offered including shaft extensions, access covers and calming inlet. The high capacity stainless steel filter is essentially self-cleaning, and the tank is purpose designed to protect the quality of filtered rainwater during storage. This product incorporates the best features of urban rainwater harvesting design and is ideal for new build and retrofit projects. The system features:• Standard modular tank sizes 2000, 3500 and 5000 litres

  • Innovative filter capsule that aligns with connecting pipework
  • A range of pump sets and controllers to meet all performance requirements
  • Mains water back up capability that complies with CAT 5 regulations
  • Can be connected to multiple rainwater downpipes
  • Ideal for basement installations

When a connected service demands water, the pump set is activated to draw water from the tank. If demand exceeds the available rainwater a mains water valve is automatically opened to fill a break tank.

Tank System

bloc form tank system
  • Tank size 5000 litre is 320 x 120 x 160 cm
  • Tank weight 5000 litre 260kg
  • Access shaft and lockable cover
  • Suitable for above and below ground applications
  • Modular assemblies to create larger capacity systems
  • Tank connector kit available.

Filter Diverter

bloc form filter
  • Commercial ‘in-tank’ filter and calming inlet
  • Filter capacity to drain roof area of 1200m²
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301 filter cartridge
  • Polyethylene filter housing
  • Pipe connection DN 100 &DN 150
  • Optional wall mounting bracket

Submersible Pump & Pump Controller

bloc form pump
  • Typical 190 lpm flow rate or up to 36m of head.
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Pressure controller starts pump set when water is demanded.
  • Quiet and economical to operate.
  • Dry run protection.
  • Smart pump controller including fault diagnostics.
  • Pump and controller require 230v 50Hz power supply.

Mains Water Back Up
& Break Tank

bloc Form Break Tank
  • Automatic mains water back up.
  • Activated by tank mounted level probe.
  • Complies with CAT 5 water regulations.
  • 40 Litre break tank
  • Smart tank controller and level sensing.
  • Requires 230v 50Hz power supply